What can the Guidance Service do for you?

The aim of the Kildare & Wicklow Adult Educational Guidance Service is to support and assist people in making informed choices around careers, education, training. This service is both free and impartial and offers advice and guidance to support people through this process.

Our Adult Education Guidance Counsellors can help you by:

  • Identifying your current skill set, strengths, and experiences
  • Assisting you to make informed decisions about your future
  • Set goals and bring about the change you want
  • Support your through your unique Career/Education pathway.

Our Information Officers can help you by:

  • Providing you with free, specialist and impartial information
  • Researching options around training and education
  • Refer you to adequate Support Services around Careers and education (Incl funding) 

The Service within both Kildare and Wicklow is:

  • Impartial & Confidential
  • Free
  • Friendly and Supportive
  • Committed to helping people realise their potential

If you wish to find out further information or would like to engage with the service, please choose an option in the Contact Menu.