Our service helps people to make informed education, career and life choices by providing impartial and confidential Guidance Counselling, Information and Support to adults in relation to their education, training and career options.

Our Services

The KWETB Adult Guidance and Information Service provides a comprehensive, professional and quality guidance and information service to adults and those over the age of 16, who are not in full time education. During busy periods, priority is given to the unemployed. We offer free, impartial and confidential advice on courses and career options.

We provide:

One-to-one career / educational guidance to help people make informed life choices

Information on all local and national courses

Advice on CV preparation and interview skills

Advice on CAO and college applications

Information and advice on grants, funding and education schemes

Outreach visits to community groups and programmes

Information on student supports

Advice on gaining recognition for qualifications obtained outside of Ireland

Adult Education Guidance Service

What is our Aim?

Our aim is to support and assist you in making informed choices around careers, education and training. We seek to provide you with up-to-date, accurate and impartial information on the various work, education and funding options available to you.

Who is eligible?

Our Service provides free Career Guidance and Information to adults and those over 16 who are no longer in full-time education. You do not have to be a current student of KWETB. Priority is given to those not working.

What does our service offer?

We offer one-to-one appointments where we provide free, confidential and impartial advice and guidance counselling. We encourage individuals to consider future possibilities by re-evaluating their existing strengths, abilities and skills, as well as looking at ways to develop new ones.

How does it work?

You can make an appointment to meet with a professional Adult Educational Guidance Counsellor in a confidential setting to discuss your needs. Alternatively you can speak with an Information Officer who can provide details on courses, funding job applications and much more. Appointments available in person, online or by phone.

How to avail of Services?

You can schedule a meeting by completing the online booking form and a member of our team will get in touch to confirm your appointment. Alternatively, you can contact our service directly by phone or email at one of our centres throughout Kildare and Wicklow.

Guidance Counsellor

Our Guidance Counsellor can support you by:
  • Providing you with free, confidential and impartial guidance
  • Helping you identify your unique strengths, experiences and current skills
  • Supporting you to make informed decisions about your future
  • Taking a step-by-step approach to achieve your goals
  • Helping you reach your full potential in life

Information Officer

Our Information Officer can help you with:
  • Information on education and training options
  • Advice on grants and funding options
  • Guidance on entry requirements and qualification levels
  • Appropriate support services around careers and education
  • Assistance with your CV and application forms
  • Advice on having foreign qualifications recognised

The ALISS Support Service

ALISS is a free student support service to help you to get the most out of your course. Our staff are here to support anyone on a KWETB Further Education and Training programme.

Supports Available

You can meet with us to make a plan for your individual needs. There are one-to-one sessions or a series of classes available, which we can timetable into your course. Our classes cover a range of learning skills, including:

  • Writing assignments and other course work
  • Research and reading strategies
  • Making notes
  • English Language for your course
  • Maths
  • Technology skills for your course
  • Time management and organisation skills

Contact us here or ring Kathie Orr on 087 374 7810 for more information.